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''Bringing Style To Your Home'' Handcrafted and Hand Picked With You in Mind - DesignedBy The Boss

''Bringing Style To Your Home'' Handcrafted and Hand Picked With You in Mind

We have a lot of amazing pieces to accentuate your living space from beautiful unique designs ginger jars and vases to floral branches, pillow covers, throw blankets, accent furniture, plants and more!! Our unique pieces will give your space that extra flair you’ve been looking for, our home decor pieces has a lots of details they will really make the interior of your home stand out. By adding mixed metals in your home decor will give you a beautiful unique look in your place. Glam is a great way to bring that “wow” factor into your living space, make sure your statement piece has some of those glamorous qualities like something with a little shine, include crystals, polished metallics, or reflective metals. Incorporating patterns into your home is an easy way to really capture the glam aesthetic. On our website we have all the styles you are looking for to match the aesthetic of your home. From modern glam and contemporary to farmhouse we have it all in one place to fit your lifestyle because everyone deserves a nice, pleasantly comfortable place to call home. We offer a variety of extraordinarily beautiful, unique and high-quality home decor and accessories to embellish your living space. It’s time to brighten up your home by adding a touch of glam, glam is all about making your home sparkle and shine, it can be gold or silver or any accent pieces of your choice. Our pillow covers and the throw blanket collections are also another way to add more textures with some details to your home.